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    groomarts is an accredited Training and education centre designed to give you the skills and academic qualifications to succeed in life.

    We are the most successful Training and Education centre for pet styling professionals in the United Kingdom. We deliver the most commercially focused education that you can find and each year we help to create over 120 new businesses.

    Here is a tour around groomarts academy! 

    For many years the dog grooming industry has been subject to very low standards. There have been neither rules nor regulations, which has allowed anyone with a set of clippers and scissors to claim to be a commercial dog groomer.

    Even today there are online courses and books that claim to show you how to be a professional. We believe that this has to stop and a new standard must be firmly put in place. There are two significant points to consider; firstly, we believe our pets should be fairly treated and offered the best treatment that we can offer them and secondly we also believe that the industry needs a better approach to the education of pet stylists, so that they become respected for their depth of knowledge, for their excellent skills, for their attention to detail and their commercial prowess.

    We have an excellent track record of achieving this by creating a combination of the best facilities, the best teachers in the world, the best equipment, the best syllabus and the best commercially focused learning programme in the UK so that our students become not just better, but commercially professional.

    When you’re a groomarts student, we take you very seriously, because you will have decided to seize the moment, to want something better than average, to be as good as you can be and to be a commercial success. That’s why when you walk through the front door, you will automatically have our respect.

    To ensure your success we have assembled the best professional team to support you along your journey, including world renowned and award-winning stylists, accredited teachers, examiners and assessors.

    For those who have additional learning needs or if English is a second language, we have learning support staff to help read, write, allow more time. We ensure that you are treated fairly and equally to everyone and have the right to earn a professional qualification.

    Quite simply, we are here to ensure that you are a commercial success in your life. Isn’t it time that you took yourself seriously? We do!

    groomarts academy has won over 25 nationally and internationally recognised awards.

    Every employee who has ever worked for groomarts has gone on to win top-flight awards, with our two most recent employees winning first class honours at Premier Groom by Groom Team England. This impressive list of awards are testimony to the depth of passion in grooming that Laura communicates right throughout her teams.

    • 2009 BDGCAdvanced Handstrip Terrier Class2rd
    • 2009 BDGCBest Newcomer of the year1st
    • 2009 BDGCJunior Class (Lhasa Apso)1st
    • 2010 BDGCAdvanced Handstrip Terrier Class2rd
    • 2010 Premier GroomBest Preparation1st
    • 2011 BDGCAdvanced Handstrip Terrier Class2rd
    • 2012 BDGCAdvanced Handstrip Terrier Class2rd
    • 2012 BDGCBest Newcomer of the year1st
    • 2012 BDGCJunior Class (Lhasa Apso)1st
    • 2012 BDGCAdvanced Handstrip Terrier Class3rd
    • 2012 Premier GroomBest Newcomer Lhasa Apso1st
    • 2012 Premier GroomBest Preparation1st
    • 2013 Premier GroomBest Preparation1st
    • 2020/21 Pet Grooming Academy of the Year Awards (London Prestige)

    There are 16 reasons why you should train with GroomArts Academy. Why train with us and our benefits

    Open College Network West Midlands Approved

    - Professional qualifications
    - Recognised and approved by the industry
    - Can show certificates to customers
    - Recognised throughout 182 countries

    3 award winning teachers

    Students will gain an unsurpassed depth of knowledge that includes skills that teachers have learnt from becoming show champions and can share with students.

    - Many years of experience
    - Bolster my reputation
    - Clear direction
    - Top tips and tricks
    - Commercial proficiency

    The best teachers in the world

    - Students are taught the finest details
    - They get experience and insight way beyond the norm.
    - Students will learn far more than just the basics
    - They will be commercially proficient much sooner
    - Students learn things that they can’t find from the books
    -Prestige of being trained by the best
    - Students get show styling techniques, standards and exam preparation

    1 teacher to 4/5 students

    - Focused training
    - More teacher-time
    - Students absorb more skills and knowledge
    - They learn at a faster pace

    Ultra modern facility which is light, spacious and air-conditioned.

    - Our academy is commercially focused to give students the best possible opportunity of getting a job or starting their own business.
    - Our academy is commercially focused to give students the best possible opportunity of getting a job or starting their own business.
    - Freedom to think, freedom to move and purpose designed to create the best possible learning environment
    - Large, dedicated theory classroom
    - Student lounge and private study area
    - Large central demonstration room
    - Front of house Styling area with 10 Grooming tables
    - Dedicated drying room with 6 wall dryers, 2 stand dryers and 4 master blasters
    - Dedicated Wet room with enough space for 6-8 dogs at a time
    - Equipment cabinets with a range of scissors, hand stripping knives and cordless clippers from Heiniger and Aesculap

    Learning programme tailored to student needs

    Adapted learning programme to suit the learning styles

    More resources available for learners

    Readers and Writers can be made available

    Exams can be taken with confidence

    Students truly have an equal opportunity to everyone else

    We have vast experience of getting people through

    Ultra Professional and commercial approach to the student’s education

    Students learn far more than just the syllabus

    Students become commercially aware

    They are taught techniques to save time and money

    They are taught techniques to earn more money

    They are financially aware

    Students are respected for their commitment to their career

    Classes are made up of commercially focused people (not people who are not sure)

    They learn professional behaviour

    Learn professional techniques, methods and skills

    Friendly, positive and attentive team

    Learn in a positive environment

    Absorb a greater knowledge

    Learn at a faster pace

    Highest standard of professional equipment

    Students get the best results

    Set the standards for their career

    Students start to act as professionals

    Students are trained better than the”average”


    In-depth knowledge and training

    Learn a greater depth of knowledge than from any other source (books/ video/ other schools colleges)

    More confident with customers

    Students can charge more

    Get better results

    They get more word-of-mouth referrals

    Comprehensive Business Advice to get you started

    Students are guided towards the right choice for their business

    They receive advice on planning permissions and planning use, working with the council, designing a working layout.

    Marketing advice

    Customer service advice

    Branding advice

    How to use the internet and social media

    Tax advice and cash flow

    Buying equipment and stock

    We offer an aftercare Support programme

    Support knowledge and skills

    Accessible whenever required (including emergencies)

    Cost effective support

    Keep business knowledge and skills up-to-date

    Easily accessible by road rail and public transport

    Students can get to us from most places in the UK

    Highest level Professional services within my reach

    Accommodation if required

    There are many Bed and Breakfast choices in the region and some that we have excellent rates with. We also have a Travelodge which is conveniently located just of the M25 1.2 miles away.

    More focused on the training

    More sociable

    More time for study

    less stressful

    less time-consuming

    LVP approved for DWP and NEA

    We are an approved Education and Training supplier to the Department for Work and Pensions. This means:-

    Government support for people on benefits or out of work

    Great start to a new career/finding work

    Can lead to starting my own business

    A caring community to help you grow

    Become part of an exclusive graduate group

    Gain support from people who have been in your shoes

    Useful tips and tricks from other industry professionals


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