Guidance for Booking Dog Grooming Appointments

For Pet Owners of The Salon @ Groomarts Academy

At GroomArts Academy, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional grooming services performed by our skilled students under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Booking your dog grooming appointments with us is quick and easy! You can use our online booking system through "Tibsy," accessible via the red live chat icon on our website. Whether you want to secure an appointment in advance or check for last-minute availability, you can do it all easily.

Please note that the number of students available may change month by month, which could affect appointment scheduling. However, we plan grooming appointments 2-3 months in advance to ensure everyone has their next 6 months of grooming sessions lined up as we release dates.

If you need to schedule something beyond what's available online, please reach out to us via WhatsApp, text, or email. For quick and accurate communication, we recommend contacting us through WhatsApp using the provided link. This allows us to respond promptly with the details you need.

Additionally, we maintain a cancellation and last-minute availability list. If you're interested in being added, just send us a WhatsApp message with your grooming requirements and a picture of your dog.

Please remember to arrive at the stated appointment time, be prepared to have a brief conversation about your pet’s groom with your assigned student and prepay using the text link sent to you 5 and then 2 days before your booking.

We look forward to providing excellent grooming services at GroomArts Academy!

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