Dog Grooming Equipment Kit Costs

What dog grooming equipment do groomers need in their kit?

Starting up can feel like a never ending list of items and an ever increasing investment into your future. To help you understand the full extent of your costs, here is a list of equipment that is useful to your start up and an approximate cost for each item. This list is fairly comprehensive and will cover larger items including baths, blasters and cages as well as consumables, such as shampoos. 

To look at a range of items, our shop can help you get started with the equipment you need.


What it is for? 

Approximate average cost (£)


You’ll need a range of shampoos to deal with skin conditions and coat types.

£25 per 4l bottle

(prices range between £10 and £80 per bottle)


Whether you go for corded or cordless, clippers are an essential tool for every groomer for quick, effective consistent grooming.


(prices range from £130-£350)

Clipper blades

You’ll need a range of these, including 30, 10, 8.5, 7F, 7, 6F, 6, 5F, 5, 4F, 4, 3F, 3, 2F, 2.

£30 per blade

Comb attachment

Comb attachments will attach to blade number 30, 15 and 10 and using attachment size 1-8.

£20-£50 per set

Clipper oil

To make sure your clipper blades stay working well.

£7 per 500ml

Colognes and Perfumes

To give each dog a fantastic smell that each client can associate with your business.

Ear Powder

To help clear out and disinfect ears.

£6.50 for 25g

Nail Clippers

To keep their nails clipped and free from infection

£18 for a set of 3

Blood stopper

To manage little nips and cuts to the dog.


Slicker brushes

To brush out and de-matt hair

£12-£25 for 3

De-shedding tools

To help remove the undercoat in short and medium coats

£40 for 2


To help de-tangle and brush hair when it is needing to be styled and is less tangled


Coat King

To remove the undercoat on longer coated dogs.

£15-£20 each

Finishing Dryer

To dry the dog after a wash and removing excess water, ready for a groom.

£400-£700 each


To remove excess water after an initial wash before using the finishing dryer.

£200-£800 each

Drying Cabinet

This is an alternative to other drying methods.

£2500-£3000 each


This can be a huge range but to cover the basics of a straight, curved and thinning pair to help style  and shape.

£250 for 3, however, with experience this can be over £1000

Grooming table

This can be hydraulic or set to a particular height. Having one that moves is useful for your back and the health of the dog, but is up to you.

£100-£500 (non-hydraulic)

£400-£1000 (hydraulic)


Once again, there are a huge range available and the cost is affected by bath size and material used.



To sterilize your metallic equipment.


Leads and Nooses

To restrain and maintain safe control of each dog

£80 for a set


This is dependent on how long you wish to hold your dogs and the space you have to hold the dogs in.

£35-£350 per cage

Bath equipment

This would including a mitt, a sponge, a jug  and combs specific for hygiene areas

£50 for a set

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