Invest in Yourself

We're pretty good at this concept of investing, we justify buying a new handbag or pair of shoes by saying “they’re an investment”. But when was the last time you really invested in something for yourself that made your life and future richer? Richer in terms of money, richer in terms of happiness, richer in terms of freedom of choice and to live the life you want?

Investing in yourself is one of the best return on investments you can have. Whether it’s investing in learning a new skill, developing yourself personally or professionally, investing in yourself opens you up to a world of opportunities.

You are accountable for your own success and happiness. As such, it is your responsibility to discover your special gifts, attributes, capabilities and passions and invest in developing these so you can flourish.

Too many people waste time and money on making investments that don’t align with their passionate pursuits and ultimate ambitions and desires. Furthermore, new research suggests that British people could actually be wasting up to £2,704 every year on non-essential items. Imagine what you could achieve if you invested £2,704 in you, your skills and your development.

Your work and your career is just one part of your life where investment can be made. Far too many people spend their lives in jobs they aren’t inspired by and the negativity this causes is more catastrophic than you might realise. If you’re miserable in your work this will transpire into other areas of your life. On the contrary, if you are happy in your work and career, doing what you love and what you’re passionate about, you will see yourself achieving much more in other areas of your life too.

To invest wisely in your career you must know yourself extremely well. Knowing yourself requires you to understand the factors that positively inspire you to achieve something. So ask yourself, what do you love to do? What really is your passion? Now follow it and throw your time, energy and money at it and start living the life you want in and out of your work.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

If you don’t invest in you, who will?

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