What can you earn as a Newly Qualified Dog Groomer?

Making money from your new dog grooming business.

Well, it's true that a busy salon with 2 professional groomers and an assistant can earn over £130,000 per year even without upselling or cross-selling. But let's get realistic here, you've got to walk before you can run.

So, let's keep it simple with the basics and then you can decide for yourself what you can earn from that baseline.

When you graduate from Groomarts Academy, you will be able to groom anything between 3 to 5 dogs per day depending your speed and the type of dog. Obviously a Black Russian Terrier is going to take a lot longer than a short haired Jack Russel who needs a wash and his/her nails clipped.  So let's say you have a mixture and the current average cost (as of March 2023) of each groom is £51.

That's 4 occasions where you can upsell or cross-sell to the customer, who is happy to spend a few pounds extra for their loved one. We all do. So, out of the hundreds of opportunities to sell products or services, let's include just three that we know will sell at least 75% of the time.

1. A healthy set of gums and gnashers

The cost of plaque removal from a Vet can be in the region of £150, and in some cases, if not dealt with early enough, can lead to extraction. However, a maintenance clean is quick (5 minutes), painless and helps to keep plaque to a minimum (This is not a veterinary practice).  The cost of fresh breath and clean teeth is £10.

2. Smelling great

We all know that dogs like to roll around in poop and frequently get proper dirty. So with a bit of research you can find great smelling, pet friendly perfumes (not the cheap and nasty one's that last 5 minutes) that your owner will absolutely love and keep coming back for. Your margin is £10.

3. A little treat for a loved one.

Come on, you know it, we all do it. We all give our dogs treats from time to time and why not! Like all pet owners we love our dogs and what perfect way to make them happy with a healthy or organic treat after a grooming session. Your margin for a healthy snack is £3. (learn more about canine health and nutrition and how it can benefit your business here)

Ok let's do some quick math's then,

Thats 4 dogs at £51 each = £204

Plus, lets say 3 out of 4 customers take the maintenance clean, the perfume and a healthy snack. That's 3 x (10 + 10 +3) = £69

So as a beginner and provided you can manage 4 dogs, you can earn £204 on grooming and £69 on upselling/cross-selling which gives a daily total of £273 per day.

And if you can't do 4 dogs at the start then don't worry. You will be able to very quickly, it's just a matter of time and practice.


In this example, we haven't exaggerated anything and have given you a reasonable guide as to what you can earn once you are capable of doing just 4 dogs per day. We haven't talked about many other products and services that you can offer your clients, so the rest is up to you and how you see your business and your customers.

One of the hottest topics right now is canine health and nutrition. To learn how it can help your business and your customers to have happy and healthy pets then check out this link.

I'll leave you with this one example of where you can take things once you get really good at professional styling. Our Academy Director has a salon that sells Swarovski crystal collars for dogs at £200 each with matching belts for the owner at £600 each AND THEY SELL FREQUENTLY!!

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