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Staying ahead of the curve

Having your business up and running, sometimes it can be difficult to remember the importance of keeping up to date with your own training. Staying ahead of the curve is a difficult task but one that is essential if you want your business to be a continued success and to grow.

Why train?

With a market that is constantly growing, there are newly qualified, enthusiastic groomers being put out into the industry. It can be intimidating to see fresh ideas and people who are not only qualified with a nationally recognized qualification, but also can demonstrate the skills to be successful within the industry. With the standard being raised, can you afford not to train?

The benefits of improving your knowledge

Realising that improving your skill set is a vital tool. You can improve this in a number of ways and each have their own benefits:

1. The market is constantly adapting and evolving
You need to as well! By reminding yourself of how to focus on your target group and to offer the best service you possibly can, your customer group will be more likely to not only keep returning to you but also to recommend you to others. The ideas that worked ten years ago may not be useful anymore.

2. Technology is an asset and not something to be feared
By improving your marketing skills through social media training and understanding how your customers access your business, you can utilise this skill to improve the reach that you have. The only way that you are reading this information is through the use of a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile; being able to enhance your knowledge of these platforms will help you interact with your customers and as a result, b able to access their business more often.

3. Improve your reputation
By learning and getting more qualifications, this is something that you can advertise to your customers. This says a lot about you as a person and about your business. It lets your customers know that you are always trying to improve your service and trying to give them a better standard. More than this, it allows you to adjust your prices by being more specialised. The idea of working less hours for more profit is always going to be appealing and it can be a possibility.

4. Know exactly what your options are
Sometimes, you don’t always recognise the options that you have. By repeating the same routine or by guessing the changes you can make to improve your business and to maximise your profit, you are risking the success of your business. Research, learn and study the market. Find out if apprenticeships are an option. Find out if a higher Diploma will give you that extra boost. Look at your market and know whether it is time to give a discount to loyal customers or to specialise in your favourite breed and start running workshops.

5. Know what else you can offer
Combining your grooming with other services, add-ons or products is a superb way of increasing your revenue without additional time and stress. This only works if you truly understand how to pick the options that work best for your business, not just for now but also when it is time to update your services.

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