After Your Course

This resource has been specifically designed for groomers and business to support you throughout your growing career

After Your Course

You can find a wealth of information, advice, how to videos and documents, industry articles as well as equipment and product reviews in our Support Centre. This resource has been specifically designed for groomers and business to support you throughout your growing career and business needs anytime of the day, wherever you are in the world.

So you’ve just finished your course. Time has flown by so quickly and now everything feels very real. So what exactly is next? Hopefully this will be in your mind before you have gone through this journey with us but it is always good to re-evaluate what your next move is and what is achievable for you. Firstly, let’s look at a really important factor…

  • How it will feel to be finished

    This is really important to consider. You will have a huge mixture of emotions. You will feel tired and exhausted from all the work that you have put in to either moving into the career you want or progressing in the career you have already started in. However, you will also feel elated and really happy, not only with what you have achieved but also with what possibilities are in front of you. You should realise the big steps you have taken by choosing to start or continue your journey with GroomArts Academy and reward yourself for it. Realising the possibilities now in front of you can also be daunting. You are no longer in the safety of our facilities and day-to-day supervision. This might lead on to feeling nervous and anxious about feeling ‘good enough’ or “will it be a success?”. We offer a support service that is designed to help you every step of the way and ensure you keep on growing and learning and importantly be happy in your success.

  • What exactly are my options?

    It can be scary knowing exactly where to take your business next or even how to start it, where to find work, what the costs are, how to be a success, whether I need to do any more and so many other questions. If you’ve not already considered the business opportunities that are now in front of you, we offer you career advice and also business setup advice as part of our on-going support to you.  Legislation, finance and capability are all words that nobody likes the sound of because each one has a huge impact on whether you thrive in the market or whether you survive. If you are starting a mobile business, running your own salon, working from home, working for someone else or even working from other people’s homes, it is key you know how to make that option count.

  • Will I be good enough?

    You are having training from vastly experienced, internationally acclaimed grooming experts who have salon experience and have created an ever-growing group of successful grooming professionals, raising the standards within the industry. If you are beginning this process, it is perfectly normal to be a little slower or to worry about remembering certain bits of information. Our Resource Centre provides information on first aid, grooming techniques, specialist breed knowledge, business skills and also highlights further courses you can take to not only thrive now, but learn how to thrive and excel in the future.

    It doesn’t stop there either, CPD (continual professional development) is a key part of being successful. Grooming techniques, business markets and technology are all changing rapidly and by staying static, you can get left behind, especially with a growing market of reputable, qualified groomers from GroomArts Academy. Learning should never stop and it is our responsibility to make sure that you never stop either. Have a look at our courses list or take our business assessment questionnaire to see what might be the right option for you.

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