Become a Groomarts Amabassador, provide pet owners with the best products to care for their dogs whilst earning extra income

12 months ago, Laura Campanella, Academy Director, at Groomarts Academy reached breaking point with the tidal wave of poor quality, impractical design and sacrifices for the sake of profit offered by grooming tools available in the UK. In typical Italian fashion, the status quo wasn't good enough, hence the introduction of the Groomarts shop aimed at both grooming professionals and pet owners. 

Now for the next stage of her masterplan to increase the success, quality and reputation of the grooming industry in the UK. And for that we need your help. Together we will build a legacy that will shape the future of pet grooming in the UK.

Groomarts has launched an Ambassador programme that allows you to refer pet owners to our website via a unique link that then rewards you with commission of between 10% - 25% depending on the product promotions and incentives running at the time.

Pet Owners look to you for advice and guidance, and it's only reasonable that you want to help them appropriately maintain their pets health, coat and wellbeing between grooms. But how do you go about offering them the best tools, make money and reduce the cost of holding stock that you are not sure will sell?

We have the answer. Groomarts now offers you the ability to become an Ambassador and receive commission for every pet owner that makes a purchase through your unique link. The key benefit here is that you probably use our tools in your salon (If not then you should take a look - and what better products to recommend than the ones you trust. There is also the added benefit of you not having to directly hold stock, be involved in hard selling, or deal with any shipping requests. 

The programme is built to reward professional dog groomers and help them succeed. At its heart is a focus on offering tools to your pet owners that enhance your reputation and allow you to increase the amount of money you receive per groom.

The recommended way to benefit from Ambassadors programme is register then create a Facebook Store of perhaps 4/5 products that you regularly recommend your customers have at home for maintaining their dogs between grooms (You use your unique link as the website link for each product when setting up your Facebook Store and advise your customers to then search for the product once they reach the groomarts shop) then all you have to do is ask them to visit your Facebook Page and select the relevant product from your shop.

Every time you advise a customer to purchase a tool through your Facebook Store and they successful make a purchase then you will receive commission into your Paypal/Bank Account within 5 workings days. No catches, no games, just a straight forward partnership that allows us to grow together.

Groomarts is here to support your business and we will keep developing ways for you to refine your grooming skills, your business and reputation as a professional dog groomer. We are proud of what our graduates achieve and want to help you realise your full potential, if you have an idea for how we can help you become the very best groomer you can be then get in touch. 



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