Adrian Radford

Co-Owner VIP Pets

I originally came from a marketing background and soon found the grooming industry is a very different world, and that’s where the business development programmes helped. 

The level of knowledge GroomArts Academy gave me really powered our business by driving the retail sales and the upselling of all of our services. We first set a target of reaching 250 clients in the first year, which was met within three weeks, and then reached our next target of 500 dogs in three months. 

GroomArts Academy powered our business to the next level

The business workshops enabled us to explore extending our business into a spa, offering a range of treatments such as dead sea mud baths from Israel and Japanese grooming, setting us apart from competitors.

With the help of the Groomarts staff, we were able to catapult ourselves into the business stratosphere having been open for less than a year and with over 1000 clients registered, it is thanks to Groomarts Academy.

Groomarts Academy made us so successful that we were not ready for the level of clients that were coming through our door, so much so we have taken on staff that are now being trained at Groomarts Academy as well. 

"If somebody called me and said why should I go to Groomarts Academy I would say grooming is not just about being able to clip and scissor and wash a dog, its about making money. It’s about the longevity and security in your business model and that is where they make a big difference."

The Business Development Programme took our business to the next level

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